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Tuotantoyhtiön työryhmän kokoaminen

Find the most suitable professionals for your team searches for free freelancers in the film and TV industry with the criteria that you set forth and compiles them into a list of potential candidates. You avoid laborious searches and clarification processes. You can assemble and optimize the most suitable work group for your production from the extensive network of professionals at your disposal.

This how it works

1. Contact us, and we will map out what kind of know-how is needed for your production and when.

2. We announce your upcoming production to our extensive professional network.

3. We provide information about available professionals for you to further contact.

Save time, effort and money in assembling a suitable work group

With the help of artificial intelligence, prepares a candidate list of available industry professionals for you. We save you the search and validation process.

Be ecologically-minded by utilizing local talents

The largest carbon footprint relating to film and TV productions comes from travel and logistics. You avoid unnecessary movement of people and goods when the needed workforce is found nearby.

Reach out to reliable professionals from outside your own network

In the network, you can find those you don’t know yet. Our service makes it easy to get to know the professionals out there.

Help build a more open, inclusive and equal film industry

Enabled by, everyone who wants to can participate in the recruitment process. From the list of available and potential candidates, you can assemble the work group of your dreams.

Valmiina löytämään freelancereita entistä helpommin?

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The service is engineered towards professionally operating AV content producing companies. We need information on what kind of expertise is needed, the time frame of the production and what kind of production it is (a feature film, a drama series, etc.). It is not necessary to provide more detailed information about the project, but we want to encourage transparency.

In the pilot phase, the service is free for both production companies and freelancers. Registration for freelancers will always be free. After the development phase, production companies will pay a set fee for the usage of the service. The price will be per assignment or a small monthly fee.

It would be good to publish your production information in our service as early as possible, so that the search for suitable professionals can begin on time. However, our process is efficient and fast, so we are able to serve you even with an expedited schedule.

Behind you will find its parent company Filmloop Oy. The development of the service has received partial funding from Business Finland’s creative industries innovation fund.

Our service has professionals for all departments. Our service is focused on production professionals in the film and TV industry. We do not host actors or actresses.

The service is in the pilot phase, and the number of registered industry professionals is growing all the time. Initially, we will also be looking for professionals from outside of our registry. Our goal is for all freelancers in the Finnish film and TV industry to be found in the annals of our register.

Please let us know as soon as possible, and we will remove your production from the platform and notify the professionals who have expressed their interest that the production is canceled.