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Eases you in finding work is the freelancer or intern in the film and TV industry that wants to find jobs in the industry easily. You will readily hear about interesting job opportunities in future productions and you will be able to participate in recruitments. Join up! The service is free for freelancers.

How it all works

1. Create your profile and complete it accordingly. The service is free for freelancers.

2. Check out upcoming productions listed on the site. You can view all of the information while logged in. You will also receive an email alert about a job opportunity that might interest you.

3. When you find a suitable job opportunity, make a notation on our site that you are interested in the said production. We will pass your information on to the production company, which will then contact you if your skills suit their needs.

Whats is is a meeting place for film and TV production companies and freelance workers in the field. In the network, the production company can easily find available workers and is able to optimize the composition of their work team. By creating their own profile on the service, a freelancer or intern can become part of a wide network, hear about job opportunities and get to know people working in production companies.